Biolegio is introducing the new Era of Genome Analysis: NGS Oligo's and MIPs (Molecular Inversion Probes)

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NGS Oligo's

Over the last decades NGS technologies have evolved at a rapid pace, and concurrently so has the demand for high purity - high quality associated products like oligonucleotides. At Biolegio we dedicated ourselves to develop a workflow for NGS oligo’s which has proven itself moreover for various NGS applications.

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MIPs (Molecular Inversion Probes)

The advances in DNA analysis made a great leap forward with the emergence of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). With these advances different target enrichment techniques have been developed to select the regions of interest for NGS analysis in a sensitive and cost-effective way. Learn more about Biolegio's Molecular Inversion Probes.

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Long... very long oligos

Optimized synthesis protocols and high quality reagents allow you to order DNA long oligos up to 300 bases! This is unmatched by any other oligo supplier.

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Cost-effective replacement for MGB probes

Biolegio's XS-probes has the same features as probes fitted with the MGB-moiety. It raises the melting temperature allowing you to design shorter probes and increase your specificity.

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Oligo dispensing service

Tired of cumbersome pipetting of multiplex PCR's? Want to work from one batch of oligos for a longer period? Looking for someone to produce your assays on a large scale? Try Biolegio's oligo dispensing service.

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Assays for the BD-MAX™

Your assay can now be delivered as ready to use snap-in tube for direct use on BD-MAX™ platforms. Or select validated assays from our ever growing menu.

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Dr. Rogier Louwen " By making use of the synthetic guide RNA's provided by Biolegio, we now easily make a Cas9/gRNA (RNP) complex that together with or without a template (PCR product) can be transferred at high efficiencies into the eukaryotic cells by using lipofection methods. Compared to the plasmid based genome editing procedures we observed less toxicity, increased specificity and remove the introduction of foreign DNA (plasmid backbone) into the eukaryotic cells. This makes the genome editing procedure much cleaner and therefore our group encourage colleagues in the field to start using synthetic guide RNAs."

Dr. Rogier Louwen Dr. (PhD) at Erasmus MC

Biochemical methods are used for monitoring of drinking water quality. The use of high quality probes and primers is essential for producing reliable test results. In addition to this, in our opinion a good, transparent and proactive interaction between Vitens N.V. and the supplier is very important as well. This is why Vitens N.V., laboratory department microbiology, has chosen Biolegio B.V. as the supplier for probes and primers for our biochemical analyses

Adrie Atsma Projectleider (LAB)