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Unparalleled scientific discoveries are not the product of good fortune or the sole endeavour of a single person. They are nurtured through optimal circumstances and the collective brilliance of collaborative minds. For more than two decades, Biolegio has been a pioneer in the custom synthesis of oligonucleotides, empowering researchers worldwide to advance the fields of life science and molecular diagnostics.

Whether you're delving into sequencing and NGS, unraveling genetic complexities through PCR and Real-time PCR, or pinpointing SNPs for genetic studies, our team of passionate and experienced experts is here to craft tailor-made oligonucleotide solutions that perfectly align with your specific research needs.


Building an environment ripe for ground-breaking achievements demands the establishment of trusted partnerships and a persistent pursuit of excellence in product and service. Therefore, we firmly believe in forging long-lasting personal relations and cultivating an open climate of transparency, honest discussion, and a determined commitment to consistent quality.


At our brand-new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Biolegio adheres to the highest quality standards and aims for complete traceability. This is where we cater to the diverse needs of our customers, offering our entire product portfolio on a range of scales, from small-scale synthesis for R&D purposes to high-scale/bulk OEM & B2B services for production requirements.


Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our fast and flexible service. Standard DNA oligos are shipped within 24 hours, while purified and modified oligos are delivered within one week. To ensure maximum flexibility, you have the freedom to choose the format of your order: a plate, strip, or tube, dried or dissolved at your preferred concentration.


Together, let us embark on a mission to push scientific progress and innovation worldwide. We are eager to collaborate with you as your trusted oligo supply partner.


Biolegio | Building the Bases of Discovery


The core values of Biolegio.

We believe the key element in satisfying the needs and wants of our customers are our core values as described below. By operating according to these values Biolegio wants to maximize customer satisfaction.

Highest Quality and Service

Optimized synthesize protocols, adopting and developing new techniques and instruments, result in key benefits: next day delivery, low pricing, consistent high-quality and oligo’s up to 200 bases


We listen to our customers take ‘Custom Oligo Synthesis’ to the next level. With our dispensing & packaging service you can have your oligo delivered in any format, quantity, concentration or combination.

Structured Efficiency

Biolegio’s manufacturing facility is reflecting strong product quality and manufacturing procedures and ongoing improvement in those area’s.

Proven Experience

We utilise our 20+ years of experience, giving us the know-how and expertise that is needed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Trustworthy Convenience

A fully automated Laboratory Management System enables to work faster and more efficient. Moreover, it gives you a user-friendly tool to order easy, with full insight in your order status.

Successful Partnership

We deliver, with pleasure, the dedication and commitment that you expect from a successful partnership.

Ruud van der Steen MSc.
Owner / CEO
Steven Garside B.Sc.
Business Development Manager & NGS Application Specialist
Dr. Gerrit Volkmann Ph.D. 
Account Manager DACH
Kees Beers MSc 
Account Manager
Anja Pen
Distributor Channel Manager