Degenerated oligo synthesis - mixed bases

Standard "wobbles" or "mixed bases" are mixtures of two or more different bases at a given position within the sequence. Wobbles are often incorporated into oligonucleotide probes designed to hybridize to an unknown gene that encodes a known amino acid sequence. Since the genetic code is degenerate, the probe is prepared with wobbles at the degenerate sites.

The use of mixed base additions in the design of a degenerated oligo is optimal when the number of degenerate sites are small. The wobbles, except for the ones at the 3'-site are synthesized with no extra costs.


Use the standard code letters for equally mixed base ratios in your sequence to incorporate a wobble into your oligo. 

Standard code letters:

R =    A/G  Y =    C/T
M =    A/C K =    G/T
S =    C/G W =    A/T
B =    C/G/T D =    A/G/T
H =    A/C/T V =    A/C/G
N =    A/C/G/T I =     Inosin

If you need custom ratios (spiked oligos), randomization is done by hand and additional charges apply. Please contact Biolegio for more information.