Amino modifiers

The amino modifier reagents are used to introduce a primary amino group into the oligo. This group can be used for conjugation with e.g. an activated NHS ester or isothiocyanate fluorescent label. An Amino modifier may also be useful to customers who wish to print their own oligonucleotide-based microarrays.

Amino Modifier C6 is used for standard 5' labeling. This modification has a primary amino group at the end of a six-carbon spacer. But also amino modifier C12 can be used.

For 3' labeling amino modifier C7 or C3 is used. This amino modifier contains a branched seven-carbon, or three-carbon spacer respectively.

Internal amino-functions can be introduced to oligonucleotide sequences by a number of products. Amino modifier C6-dA, Amino modifier C6-dC, Amino modifier C6-dG and both Amino modifier C6-dT can be added in place of a dA, dC, dG and dT residue, respectively. Furthermore, also Amino modifier C2 dT can be used for internal labeling.

Several amino modifiers are available from Biolegio.

Amino modifier c6(5')

Amino modifier C12 (5')

Amino modifier C6 dA (internal)

Amino modifier C6 dC (internal)

Amino modifier C6 dG (internal)


Amino modifier C6 dT (internal)

Amino modifier C2 dT (internal)

Amino modifier C7 (3')

Amino modifier C3 (3')