Oligo dispensing service

Tired of cumbersome pipetting of PCR's or multiplex qPCR's?
Want to minimize your validation and work from one batch of oligos for a longer period? 
Looking for someone to produce your assays on a large scale? 

Try Biolegio's oligo dispensing service and order your primers and/or probes premixed according to your specifications
  • Less test-to-test variation
  • No more cumbersome pipetting of mixes
  • Your assay design - our synthesis and processing expertise
  • All fluorophore - quencher combinations possible for Real-Time PCR purposes 

Order your oligos premixed according to your specifications. The oligos may contain a variety of modifications. Ideal for simplifying your in-house (Real-Time) PCR assays and increasing your efficiency. Available in any format and quantity that suits your workflow: i.e. tubes, strips, 96/384 wells plates, (2D) bar-coded cryotubes or snap-in tubes for the BD-MAX platform. All fluorophore - quencher combinations are possible.

For additional information, please contact Biolegio.